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Class 12 Mathematics Study Materials

Download below the various study materials prepared by KVS (Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan) for Class 12 Mathematics


Old CBSE Board Question Paper Class XII Physics

Download the Old CBSE Physics Question Paper HERE


Download the questions selected from previous board papers in Physics from the chapter Wave Optics.


Introduction to Electrostatcics

Electrostatics is a branch of physics that deals with the phenomena and properties of stationary electric charges.

The first reference ever received is that Thales of Miletus - a Greek Philosopher found electricity. He found that when Amber rod is rubbed with fur, it get the property of attracting tiny bits of objects like saw dust.
(600 BC)

PhysicsFundas for Class XI

These are the topics based on Class XI Syllabus as per CBSE which will be posted updated and maintained here.
1. Physical World and Measurement
2. Motion in one dimension
3. Motion in two Dimensions
4. Force and Laws of Motion
5. Work, Power Energy
6. Gravitation
7. Properties of solids
8. Properties of fluids
9. Thermal properties of matter
10. Kinetic theory of gases
11. Thermodynamics
12. Oscillations'
13. Waves

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